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Discounted price booklet.

The new discounted price booklet effective July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022 is now available. Please email for copy.

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A.T. Devices, Equipment and Software Products Section:

Duo Wireless Mouse by Ablenet

GoTalk Design by Attainment 

GoTalk Duo by Attainment 

GoTalk 4+ Lite by Attainment  

Clevy Keyboards by Clevy 

Cosmo Switch by Filisia

Tellus 6 & Tellus i6 by Jabbla

Tablet/Case/APP Bundle by LoganTech 

Giraffe Drinking System with Stainsteel Bottles and upgraded tabletop holder by ModularHose

Obi Robotic Dining Campanion by Obi 

Otterbox Cases by Otterbox

X-Keys O-Trac and L-Trac Trackballs by P.I. Engineering 

Jazz Joystick by Pretorian 

Slimline Joystick by Pretorian

Grid 3 by ThinkSmartBox

PCEye by TobiiDynavox 

Speech Cases by TobiiDynavox 

BeHear Access Personalized Hearing Amplifier by Wear & Hear

BeHear Proxy Neck Speaker & Personal Hearing Amplifier by Wear & Hear

Vision Related Products Section: 

Merlin Mini by Enhanced Vision 

OrCam MyEye by OrCam 

OrCam Read by OrCam 

New improved Scientific Calculators from Sight Enhancement

Snow 12 Portable Video Magnifier with Stand by Zoomax USA

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Credit Cards 

We just made purchasing your assistive technology easier! We are now accepting credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express & Discover) for purchases over $50. Contact us for more information at 410-290-1327 or by email at