Annual Bid

We look forward to your participation in this year”s Annual Bid. Prices will be effective July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025. Please let us know if you have questions about the bid or require the documents in Excel format instead of PDF by emailing 


Vendor registration-certification

General Bid 070124-063025

Vision Bid 070124-063025

ATIA Update 2024

If you have products you would like us to include in this year’s annual bid please let us know by March 8th. Please emailing

REMEMBER to check with us about our discounts on these products.


Great news, Go Talk 9+ Lite  and
Go Talk 20+ Lite are now shipping.
Go Talk 4+ Lite will be available later in the spring.


Remember this Mind Mapping and more tool from previous years?  It is now available again. Lots of options from single user to site licenses with home use options and more. WIN and MAC and Chromebook


This Assistive Reader device is available with or without keypad.

Magnifying America

We now offer discounts on Patriot 5FHD and Patriot 7FHD handheld magnifiers. As well as the other products in this line.


Now available OrCam Read 3 Handheld Reading Companion, Magnifier and so much more. Check out the Just Ask Feature. Comes with or with stand to transform into a stationary reader.


This water-resistant low-tech communication device is back and at a reduced reintroduction price of $99 before our discount BUT only until the end of March. Then the price will increase.

RJ Cooper

Did you see that RJ has reduced the list price of his Ultimate Cases? Instead of $79 for the case for the 10.2 iPad they are now $59, what a deal AND that is before our discounts. Check out the pricing on other sizes and stands.


We are now able to offer discounts on the products in this line including the Videomatic and


This compact, portable sensory room tent. Includes 42 sensory cards featuring so many activities, an interior color-changing light column and sensory cushions. AND so much more. Not shipping until the end of June.


This new unique one-handed keyboard allows efficient and comprehensive computer use with one hand, either left or right.

Discounted price booklet.

The new discounted price booklet effective July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024 is now available. Please email for copy.

To access our most up-to-date Alphabetical Vendor List which includes phone numbers and clickable links to their websites click here Product list for booklet 2023 or refer to the Discounted Products tab for list of vendors by need area.

Check out our discounts on the new products added to the booklet this time. 

A.T. Devices, Equipment and Software Products Section:

Clicker 8 Renewals by Crick

EyeOn Air by EyeTech Digital

EyeOn Elite by EyeTech Digital

EyeOn Go by EyeTech Digital   

C-Pen Exam Reader 2 by Scanning Pen

C-Pen Reader 2 by Scanning Pen

LingoPen by Scanning Pen

Better Board Slant Boards by Therapro

Handwriting Tools by Therapro

Handwriting Practice paper by Therapro

Hand Strengthening/Therapy Putty by Therapro

Adapted Scissors by Therapro

Vision Related Products Section: 

Braille Keyboards by LogicKeyboard

NEW DEMO PRODUCTS just arrived click on the product name below to learn more – PLEASE remember to check directly with us about our discounted pricing on all these items and more by emailing

Credit Cards 

We just made purchasing your assistive technology easier! We are now accepting credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express & Discover) for purchases over $50. Contact us for more information at 410-290-1327 or by email at