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My goal with this page is to share materials others have developed. Why reinvent the wheel.

Game Play

Check out these great material for family game night. Thanks to Howard County Public Schools Instructional Access Team for sharing.

Family Game Night-Put the Fun in Functional Communication

Game Play

Numbers colors body parts

Family Game Night Functional Language Cards

Storytelling Picture Cards from Inclusive TLC’s newsletter 
-Print this sheet to use with your students to write stories (hint: laminate it too) storytelling picture cards
-Leave as one sheet or cut into rows or individual cards. Each row contains 4 options for a story element: introduction, main character, supporting character, setting, mode of transportation, and resolution.
-Present students with one row of cards at a time. As they select a story element, you tell the next part of the story. Repeat this with each of the rows of story parts to tell a full story.
-Another way to use with more students is for them to blindly select a card from each row, then they must tell a story that contains all of those selected elements.
-Have students of different ability levels work together to tell a story! One student selects one element from each of the 6 rows, and the other uses these choices to tell a story.

Tabi Jones-Wohleber shared this at a MATN meeting, she works for Frederick County Public School System.

How I Do It: All-in-One-Visual-Support Tool

For instructions and images on how to make you own go to: http://praacticalaac.org/?wpfb_dl=182

This Medical Make and Take Communication Book project was funded previously by the DDC.

Medical Make n Take Communication Book instructions

Medical Make & Take PCS Symbols 

Medical Make & Take PCS Tabs you will only need one set of these

Step #4

Front of book

Step #5

Inside front page

Step #7

Inside back of page

Step #9

Inside completed page

If you have any materials you would like to share please let me know and I will add them to this page.