Inclusive TLC Products

Some examples of products by Inclusive TLC we offer discounts on. Please check with us about any additional products not listed here you are looking for.

AMAneoBTi Assistive Mouse Adapter
APPlicator Bluetooth Switch interface for iDevices
Blueline Bluetooth Joystick
Choose & Tell Software series
ChooseIt Maker Software
EnvirON line
Inclusive Multiswitch switch interface
iSwitch Bluetooth Switch Access for iDevices
Jazz Joystick
J-Pad- Joystick for iPad
n-Abler Joystick and Rollerball
n-Abler Pro Joystick and Rollerball
OPTIMA and OPTIMAX Joystick and Rollerball
SimpleWorks for iPad
Smooth Talker
Smoothie Switch
SwitchIt Software series