How do I get a quote for the items I am interested in?

  • First do a little research to find out what you need.
  • For parents and caregivers that means you might want to check out ideas with staff that currently work with the individual.
  • Then call (410-290-1327) or email (Amanda@atdiscount.net) to obtain a quote on the item/s you’re interested in buying.
  • You can either use the quote form or just email a list of the items you need a quote for.
  • To speed things up please include website or catalog information on each product you are interested in. Item name, item number, list price, MAC or PC, and/or size needed.

How do I buy Assistive Technology?

First obtain a quote for the items you are interested in purchasing. For your convenience we process orders that include multiple product lines.

    • For organizations using Purchase orders, once you have your quote you can either transfer the information over to a purchase order or simply attach a copy of the quote to your purchase order. Please remember to include a shipping address and contact information, name, telephone and email in case we have further questions.
    • Mail your signed purchase order to AT Discount Sales & Services LLC, 6225 Painted Yellow Gate, Columbia, MD. 21045
    • Fax your signed purchase order to 410-290-1012
    • Or email your signed purchase order to Amanda@atdiscount.net
  • For individuals and those not using purchase orders please send your check made out to AT Discount Sales & Services LLC along with a copy of the quote. Or call 410-290-1327 if you wish to pay for your order via credit card. Please remember to include your shipping address and contact information, name, telephone number and email address in case we have further questions.

Once we have received your Purchase Order or check we will then order your items and have them shipped directly to the address you noted.

Once your order arrives please send us a quick email to Amanda@atdiscount.net to let us know that it has arrived safely.

I’m a parent, and Assistive Technology is new to me. Where do I start?

We’re happy to help you get what you need at the least cost to you.

  • First, check with your child’s therapist or teacher to get recommendations for the switches, communication device, alternate access, software and or/equipment that best matches your child’s needs and support his/her educational/vocational program.
  • Purchase equipment that meets your child’s needs at the present time – do not try to buy something your child might need later. Remember, technology is changing very fast and there might be something new available that may better serve your child’s needs in the future.
  • Don’t purchase too much at one time – focus your child’s time and energy on becoming competent with one communication device and/or software program at a time.
  • If possible, borrow equipment from your school, MDTAP or us so you can try it before you buy it. It is very hard to return technology from manufacturers once purchased unless it is defective.
  • Before purchasing software or hardware, make sure that it is compatible with what computer or iPad you already have. If unsure about requirement contact the manufacturer.
  • If you need financial assistance to purchase assistive technology. Contact the Maryland Assistive Technology Loan Program, 1-800-TECH-TAP for information on low interest loans.
  • If you are applying for LISS or grant funding for your equipment we are happy to provide an invoice quote to go with your submission paperwork.

Can I try out some Assistive Technology first to see if it will work for us?  

  • We have a small selection of demo items that are available for loan (for up to a month) for a small fee.
  • We do not have a retail store but you can make an appointment to come preview equipment.
  • Click here for a list of currently available items.
  • Please note that software cannot be loaned out but may be viewed at our location on one of our laptops.
  • You might also want to check with your school system to see if they have items you can try before you purchase technology for home use.
  • MDTAP also has a wide selection of products available for loan, they can be reached by calling 410 554 9232.

What if I don’t see the items I want to purchase listed?

We are happy to research any new products you are interested in. Please send an email to Amanda@atdiscount.net with the product name, item number, list price and website or catalog you found it in. We will then let you know if it is something we are able to get at a discount.

Do you take credit cards?

  • Yes we now accept credit card payments for orders over $50.00. (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX).
  • For your convenience we also process purchase orders that include multiple product lines.
  • Orders can also be placed via prepaid order with check or money order.

Do you mail out manufacturers catalogs?

  • We do not mail out manufacturers catalogs, but you can pick them up from our location or at our booth at events we attend.
  • We do provide a complete list of manufacturers toll free numbers on our website so you can request to be added to their mailing lists.

Do you offer discounts on iPads and apps?

  • We are not able to offer discounts on iPads or apps but we do have a wide variety of iPad cases, mounts, idevice accessories that we can offer discounts on.

Do you offer evaluations, consultations and product recommendations?

  • We do not make recommendations for specific equipment, software, apps etc. However, we will give you product information and suggestions on where to start to look for ideas and available alternatives.
  • We do not aim to take the place of your school system’s Assistive Technology Team, teachers, speech therapist, vocational specialist, private therapist or your doctor.

Do you process Medicaid or health insurance orders?

  • Not at this time.
  • Orders can be placed via purchase order or prepaid with check, credit card or money order.