Educational/Curricular Access and Academic/Functional Learning

Products to promote increased competency in academic areas and communication skills; includes switches and adapted toys to encourage independent play and increased participation in activities with peers.

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Ablenet  800-322-0956
Adaptivation  800-723-2783
Adaptivation (Honey Bee Swtich)  800-723-2783
Andrea Communication  800-442-7787
Attainment  800-327-4269
Compusult  888-745-7914
Crick  866-332-7425
Dolphin  866-797-5921
Enabling Devices  800-832-8697
Eyetvision  410-405-7380
Humanware  800-722-3393
Inclusive TLC  800-462-0930
Inclusive TLC (EnvirON)  800-462-0930
Nuance (Dragon)  800-654-1187
Origin Instruments  972-606-8740
Perceptive Devices
PI Engineering
Pro Ed  800-897-3202
Quillsoft  (WordQ)  877-674-7687
RJ Cooper  800-752-6673 
Scanning Pens LLC  727-316-8101
Talking My Way  877-608-9812
TextHELP  888-248-0652
Therapro  800-257-5376

The mission of AT Discount Sales & Services LLC is to provide discounts and product information for your assistive technology and related product needs. We work with schools, organizations, families, individuals and community agencies serving individuals with disabilities.