Discounted Products


We offer discounts on a wide selection of assistive technology products from the manufacturers listed below. We hope that the headings below will help guide you to learn more about what is available and to find the products you need. For your convenience we process purchase orders that include multiple product lines.

However if you do not see the product you need listed please feel free to contact us about researching the product you have in mind to see if we can add that product to our discounts. To speed up requests please supply the product name, item number, list price and website or catalog you found the product in. To request quotes for products listed below either complete one of our quote forms or email your list of product needs to Please remember to include as much information as possible.

Aids for Daily Living, Sensory Impairments:

Products providing access and increased independence for individuals with a wide range of disabilities, including but not limited to hearing or vision difficulties and functional limitations.

Aging Needs:

Products to assist individuals to continue to live a full and active life, including but not limited to hearing or vision difficulties and functional limitations.

Autism Spectrum Disorder:

Assistive technology, including communication devices, software, sensory aids, publications, recreational and leisure activities and much more.



Communication Devices and Accessories:

Assistive technology, software and activities to improve verbal and written language interaction.

Computer Access and Adapted Equipment:

Products to allow access to computer or idevices including alternative keyboards, alternative mouse devices and bluetooth access.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing:

Products to foster communication and independence.

Educational/Curricular Access and Academic/Functional Learning:

Products to promote increased competency in academic areas and communication skills; includes switches and adapted toys to encourage independent play and increased participation in activities with peers.

iDevice Accessories:

Products to enhance the use of idevices for individuals with disabilities for communication, recreation and leisure activities. Includes cases, keyguards, switch access, mounting systems.

Low Vision and Blindness:

Products to improve independence and functional skills.

6dot Braille Label Maker

6dot Braille Label Maker

Mounting Devices:

Products to allow easier access to communication devices, computers,  idevices, recreational and educational activities.

Therapeutic Supplies:

Products for use in therapeutic offices (OT’s, PT’s, SLP’s), schools, vocational programs and home environments to assist with environmental control, feeding, recreation, seating options and ambulation.