Aging Needs

Products to assist individuals to continue to live a full and active life, including but not limited to hearing or vision difficulties and functional limitations.

Let us help you find the products you need.

Check out the links below for ideas or contact us for more information, questions and quotes to ensure you receive our negotiated discounts.  or
by phone 410-290-1327 or fax 410-290-1012. Please feel free to ask us about other product lines not listed here and we will research to see if discounts are available.

Ai Squared  800-859-0270
Attainment Company  800-327-4269
Connections Unlimited  800-286-3481
Dolphin  866-797-5921
Duxbury Systems  978-692-3000
Enhanced Vision  888-811-3161
Eschenbach Optik  800-487-5389
Eyetvision  410-405-7380
Freedom Scientific
Low Vision
Hear More  800-881-4327
HowdaSeat  800-348-3884
Humanware  800-722-3393
LoganTech  866-962-0966
LS & S  800-468-4789
LyriQ  800-364-1610
Magnifying America  800-364-1610
Maxi Aids  800-522-6294
Modular Hose/Fleximug  630-922-5010
Modular Hose/Giraffe  Drinking Bottle  630-922-5010
Obi  844-435-7624
Optelec  800-826-4200
Reinecker  866-733-2352
Sight Enhancement  613-421-8953
The Wright Stuff  877-750-0376
Wear & Hear
William Sound  800-843-3544

The mission of AT Discount Sales & Services LLC is to provide discounts and product information for your assistive technology and related product needs. We work with schools, organizations, families, individuals and community agencies serving individuals with disabilities.